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We focus on making all the discussions within Build-ups really thoughtful and engaging, that's why we love to organize fireside chats with stellar cloud experts, who are giving insightful answers and sharing their great learnings!

How exactly it works?

We start with a keynote speech, which is a more classical way to share the info, followed by QAs session.

After that, we have 2 fireside chats! What is that?

It's an informal conversation between a moderator, audience and our guest:

  • BYOP (bring your own problem): share your case and ask expert's opinion during the fireside chats,
  • Cloud AMA (ask me anything): prepare your thoughtful questions for our experts within Cloud Native topics.

Enjoy free access, hear from cloud leaders and be the first to learn what's new. Get inspired to build!
What Build-up's
Dino Esposito
CTO at Crionet Sport Solutions
Rosemary Wang
Alex Thissen
Maxim Salnikov
HashiCorp Developer
Xpirit Netherlands B.V. Lead
Microsoft Azure Developer
Technical Lead
Serhii Seletskyi
Intellias Senior
Solution Architect

7 pm - 8:45 pm (UTC+2)
7:05 pm - 7:40 pm
7:05 pm - 7:40 pm
Dino Esposito
Domain-Driven Design now and in .NET

I advocated DDD for years more as a design methodology than as a set of practical coding rules. Frankly, though, I never felt on my own skin the living power of the concept I was myself advocating.

In more naive terms, I never ate entirely my own dogfood not much because I didn't like it at all but more because I never was hungry enough to eat it.

In addition, no matter the public speaking between DDD and the .NET ecosystem it was never full love.

The summary of my thoughts regarding DDD is: make the conceptual pillars (ubiquitous language, bounded domains, context maps) your own pillars and make any effort to write clean code, as expressive and fluent as you can. Regardless of the business domain. Now? About 15 years after the epyphany of DDD, the pillars are as solid as ever and close enough to be awarded the rank of universal software design principles. They drive you to a deeper understanding of the domain which is key to plan effective software. Other methodologies (ie, event storming) appeared in the mean time to support this vision. All the coding rules pushed around it in books and courses, instead, are largely ineffective — though not harmful.

Software born to be a tool to automate tasks; now it is a tool to mirror life scenarios. Hence, it has be to designed driven by nature of the domain.

7:40 pm - 8:00 pm
7:40 pm - 8:00 pm
Serhii Seletskyi
tech talk
CI/CD for .NET workloads

CI/CD for .NET workloads – made easy with cool tips and tricks for Azure DevOps CI/CD for .NET workloads that might be useful on your project.

• Mono/Multi repos

• Gated CI

• Quality gates

• Releases and artifacts

• Deployments

8:00 pm - 8:20 pm
8:00 pm - 8:20 pm
Rosemary Wang
fireside chat
8:20 pm - 8:40 pm
8:20 pm - 8:40 pm
Alex Thissen
fireside chat
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